About us

ingbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.--Expert for seal
Kaxite can offer a widely range of sealing Flange Insulation Gasket Kits,Flange Insulation Kit Gaskets,Flange Insulation Sets,more competitive price, prompt feedback, fast delivery time. We promise Kaxite Gasket & Seals is your good choice.

·An integrated corporation consist research and development, production, sale and technical service who serve as the professional manufacturer, seller and exporter of sealing products.
·We have three powerful professional production base and supply all kinds and types of both static and dynamic sealing products.
·As the expert for seal, our purpose is to provide you the most proper sealing products, all-around technical service and the most improved and all-sided adequate and systematic service.
·Our partners cover all fields including the petrochemicals, oil refining, electric force, metallurgy, manufacturing and marine project, etc. Whenever in case of need, Kaxite is there for you.

·Kaxite spirit:We refuse oversight in work.
Core idea:Limited life, Unlimited pursuit
Operating theory:Guided by the market, Gained by the effort
Managing theory:People oriented, Teamwork supported,Competition stimulated, Innovation promoted
Talent concept:Great effort today, Good ability tomorrow
Personality concept:More virtues, more gains
Activity guide:Decisive, Swift, Efficient
Notion of work:Take serious to be right, Try hard to be good
Notion of study:Training is the best benefit, Study is the biggest acquisition
Notion of cooperation:Trust makes effeciency